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Improved Accuracy with Non-Crimped Brass

Shooting a gun requires precision and quickness, whether for commercial or military purposes. Reload faster and stay on target with non-crimped brass from Once Fired Brass. We offer affordable and premium once-fired brass and reloading brass. 

Commercial Reloading Brass

Reloading brass is essential for reloading your ammunition because it holds the primer and bullet. While some may prefer military brass, commercial reloading brass is typically thinner and has a greater volume within its powder chamber.

Reloading Made Easier

All our brass passes a rigorous multi-step process to ensure it’s ready to be reloaded and help you make that trophy shot. You don’t have to worry about problems loading the shells or your weapon jamming while on the range or in the field. 


High-Quality Brass and Bullets

We’ve got both pistol and rifle brass from the major manufacturers, so you know the quality is high from the time the shells come off the production line. You can also rely on us for bullets as well as new brass. 


Eco-Friendly and Money-Saving Solution

There are many reasons to buy your bulk pistol brass from us. Using once-fired ammunition saves money because it’s cheaper than factory-new brass, but just as reliable. It’s also eco-friendly because you are re-using material that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill site. 


Enjoy Reloading Shells

It’s also a fun hobby to reload your own shells, and it’s a way to remain connected to the sports of shooting and hunting even when you’re not squeezing the trigger.